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Hey guys! Just giving out an FYI that I'm going to be in need of a roommate soon! :3 My current roommate will be moving out soon, going to need a roomie within a month or two! :3

The apartment is located in Nashua NH, at the Clocktower Place. The rent will be $457/mo, but utilities will be negotiable. As long as you're a clean person, can pay for their own things, like groceries, going out and whatnot, are responsible with money etc... :3 No drugs, but drinking is drama, or anything of the sort :3 Not strict with the rules, just be a good, clean person...note me if you're interested, and I'll let the front office know and get an application :3 Oh, and no need to have a lot of furniture, just a bed if that's all you have, and if not I got a trundle bed you can borrow. So, yeah just your personal belongings will suffice :3

The other thing is, I"m on the low income rent they said the person would have to make at most $25k to be able to qualify for the low income housing rate (the policy goes, that two people would have to make a collective amount of $52K to qualify for the low income). It's weird, yeah...but the Clocktower is a great place! :3 And Nashua NH is awesome...lots of stuff to do,and a lot of furs live here! ;3 So yeah, if you're interested, or know anyone who's interested, drop me a line/email/PM/AIM and we'll talk! :3

AIM: greywlf78
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Ok everyone! Furfright is only five months away! :D I'm looking for roomies starting....NOW! ;) It's a double bed room (should fit 4-5 people and possibly enough for floorspace for 2 extra people), no smoking. :3 So yeah, not too many rules but here:
Must be 21+
Drinking allowed, but no drugs
No drama
Be polite, courteous and respectful of the people in the room.
Be polite courteous and respectful of the hotel staff.
No asking "can my friend be in our room?" at the last minute..or trying to get as many friends in as possible :P One friend is fine, as long as the room hasn't been filled yet.
Fursuits are fine
Must be paid in advance to ensure your spot in the room :3
Make sure you're 100% sure you'll be able to attend the con/have enough money to pay in advance/sure you want to be in the room...if you need to back out of the room, let me know at most a month or so before the con so I can give you a refund. :3

Standard issue rules there! :3 It will also be first come first serve, so don't all line up at once! XD
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Looking for a room for AC!

Hey, guys! This will be my first AC! (yeah yeah, I've heard it all ;P Just, I've ALWAYS wanted to go...and it's every fur's god given right to attend AC at least once! ;))

The person I was trying to contact for a room got back to me just last month telling me the room was full :/ desperate need for a room ;) I'm 32, don't smoke, drink though (but am responsible), quiet, friendly and don't cause drama. I don't have a fursuit and travel floorspace would be ok too ;) The main hotel or overflows would be fine :)I'll be arriving with friends on the 23rd and will be departing on the 27th.

If you or anyone you know needs a roomie, let me know! thanks :)
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Ahh, Furfright....

You truly are the Best Con Ever :D This will be my second FF...and I'm so excited! :D ALOT more people to hang out with than last year, that's for sure! ;)

Only one thing could make FF more awesome...


....hey, I can dream, can't I? ;3

See you all there! :D
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Name reduction?

Poll #1558069 Thinking of shortening my name to just Merz Wulf

What do you think?

THANK GOD! "Kimmerz Greywolf" was TOO MUCH for me to say! :P
NUUUUUU! Or I'll keel you! >:(
Eh...whatever....OOOH! Are those donuts?!
I just always called you Boo Boo Fluffybuns...
"Merz Wulf?" More like "Mrrrrrrrrz Wulf..." ;)

Dunno...had "Kimmerz" for a long time...wanted to update myself I guess. ;)
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Target Fail!

OMG! I completely forgot about this! XD That boy is the EPITOME of genius! :D Give him a promotion!

Note: This isn't the store I work at...see my store knows the difference between not well trained and, well stupid. :P
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Now I remember why I work overnight backroom...

Today they called me in to help on the salesfloor during the day (6am-2:30pm). I figured "Hey, it's a nice change of pace!" They let me out of the backroom to price clearance merchandise, and to help the salesfloor with customer service.

All was going well, I was pushing the clearance I ticketed, when I heard this old man was advancing towards me whistling as if I were a dog! :P Apparently, he was trying to get my attention. I couldn't hear him what with me being hearing impaired...but STILL! It's like, if you can't get my attention then shout "EXCUSE ME" or come over to me and tap my shoulder! DON"T whistle at me! It's demeaning, and condescending.

About an hour later this lady was frantically looking for a kitchen timer...not just any timer, mind you. She wanted some kitschy, funky "non-boring" timer. I told her the only timers we have were the regular ones. She got all mad and asked if we had any timers in the toys section. I told her we didn't and then demanded to speak to someone who might know if we had more timers in the toy department. Uh...hello? I TOLD you we don't! The only timers we have are the ones I showed you! So, I got a hold of one of the salesfloor people and they proceeded to explain to her there weren't any timers in toys...she of course got mad and stormed off...Geeze, some people. :P I love how customers like these insist we the employees don't know what we are talking about. :)

Oh well, today I realized how much I love working in my's nice, quiet...and I don't have to deal with the stupid people. :)

On a happier note, while at Subway yesterday I was delighted to find VAULT! :D I heard it tasted like Surge, so I decided to try it out. I have to say it tastes almost exactly like Surge! :) I remember Surge being a little more tangy though...but still very good! Better than Mountain Dew anyway! :P Though I do like Mountain Dew Live Wire though...not sure if they still make that...
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