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Now I remember why I work overnight backroom...

Today they called me in to help on the salesfloor during the day (6am-2:30pm). I figured "Hey, it's a nice change of pace!" They let me out of the backroom to price clearance merchandise, and to help the salesfloor with customer service.

All was going well, I was pushing the clearance I ticketed, when I heard this old man was advancing towards me whistling as if I were a dog! :P Apparently, he was trying to get my attention. I couldn't hear him what with me being hearing impaired...but STILL! It's like, if you can't get my attention then shout "EXCUSE ME" or come over to me and tap my shoulder! DON"T whistle at me! It's demeaning, and condescending.

About an hour later this lady was frantically looking for a kitchen timer...not just any timer, mind you. She wanted some kitschy, funky "non-boring" timer. I told her the only timers we have were the regular ones. She got all mad and asked if we had any timers in the toys section. I told her we didn't and then demanded to speak to someone who might know if we had more timers in the toy department. Uh...hello? I TOLD you we don't! The only timers we have are the ones I showed you! So, I got a hold of one of the salesfloor people and they proceeded to explain to her there weren't any timers in toys...she of course got mad and stormed off...Geeze, some people. :P I love how customers like these insist we the employees don't know what we are talking about. :)

Oh well, today I realized how much I love working in my's nice, quiet...and I don't have to deal with the stupid people. :)

On a happier note, while at Subway yesterday I was delighted to find VAULT! :D I heard it tasted like Surge, so I decided to try it out. I have to say it tastes almost exactly like Surge! :) I remember Surge being a little more tangy though...but still very good! Better than Mountain Dew anyway! :P Though I do like Mountain Dew Live Wire though...not sure if they still make that...
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