Kimmerz Greywolf (kimmerzgreywolf) wrote,
Kimmerz Greywolf

Looking for a room for AC!

Hey, guys! This will be my first AC! (yeah yeah, I've heard it all ;P Just, I've ALWAYS wanted to go...and it's every fur's god given right to attend AC at least once! ;))

The person I was trying to contact for a room got back to me just last month telling me the room was full :/ desperate need for a room ;) I'm 32, don't smoke, drink though (but am responsible), quiet, friendly and don't cause drama. I don't have a fursuit and travel floorspace would be ok too ;) The main hotel or overflows would be fine :)I'll be arriving with friends on the 23rd and will be departing on the 27th.

If you or anyone you know needs a roomie, let me know! thanks :)
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