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Ok everyone! Furfright is only five months away! :D I'm looking for roomies starting....NOW! ;) It's a double bed room (should fit 4-5 people and possibly enough for floorspace for 2 extra people), no smoking. :3 So yeah, not too many rules but here:
Must be 21+
Drinking allowed, but no drugs
No drama
Be polite, courteous and respectful of the people in the room.
Be polite courteous and respectful of the hotel staff.
No asking "can my friend be in our room?" at the last minute..or trying to get as many friends in as possible :P One friend is fine, as long as the room hasn't been filled yet.
Fursuits are fine
Must be paid in advance to ensure your spot in the room :3
Make sure you're 100% sure you'll be able to attend the con/have enough money to pay in advance/sure you want to be in the room...if you need to back out of the room, let me know at most a month or so before the con so I can give you a refund. :3

Standard issue rules there! :3 It will also be first come first serve, so don't all line up at once! XD
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