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Hey guys! Just giving out an FYI that I'm going to be in need of a roommate soon! :3 My current roommate will be moving out soon, going to need a roomie within a month or two! :3

The apartment is located in Nashua NH, at the Clocktower Place. The rent will be $457/mo, but utilities will be negotiable. As long as you're a clean person, can pay for their own things, like groceries, going out and whatnot, are responsible with money etc... :3 No drugs, but drinking is drama, or anything of the sort :3 Not strict with the rules, just be a good, clean person...note me if you're interested, and I'll let the front office know and get an application :3 Oh, and no need to have a lot of furniture, just a bed if that's all you have, and if not I got a trundle bed you can borrow. So, yeah just your personal belongings will suffice :3

The other thing is, I"m on the low income rent they said the person would have to make at most $25k to be able to qualify for the low income housing rate (the policy goes, that two people would have to make a collective amount of $52K to qualify for the low income). It's weird, yeah...but the Clocktower is a great place! :3 And Nashua NH is awesome...lots of stuff to do,and a lot of furs live here! ;3 So yeah, if you're interested, or know anyone who's interested, drop me a line/email/PM/AIM and we'll talk! :3

AIM: greywlf78
Tags: furry, furry_roommate, newenglandfurs, newhampshirefurs, roommate_wanted
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