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Kimmerz Greywolf
27 December 1978
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Er, hewwo! :3

I've been in the furry fandom for a year...and all I can say is I've seen things that would turn your skin WHITE! 0_0

Kidding aside, technically been involved with "furry" in some way or another since '95 when The Lion King came out, and formed a Lion King Club on old school Prodigy Internet :D But aside from that, always had an affinity for animals and animal related media since I was a small child.

My fursona "Kimmerz Greywolf" is a lithe built solid light grey wolf, with bright blue eyes, and short pixie cut blonde hair. She also has dark grey tips on her cheek tufts and paw tips. She wears thin framed glasses and can be seen sporting her brown "Dunkie Junkie" hoodie :D

I'm REAL quiet IRL, barely say a thing, can come off as scatterbrained at times, but am a good listener despite my hearing impairment. I'm always willing to go out on a limb for my friends :3
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